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Police prevent Aratiatia descent

Ben Brown reports that yesterday police prevented a group of kayakers from running the Aratiatia rapid on the Waikato river. The Police are presumably enforcing clause 3.9.1(d) in the Waikato Regional Council Navigation Safety Bylaw (PDF, 1.3MB) that states, "Not operate any vessels (other than for maintenance purposes) within 200 metres of the Taupo gates and hydro dam structures on the Waikato River." (PDF, 1.3MB). This rule has not been enforced on kayakers on Aratiatia before now and the rapid has been increasingly paddled since the first descent in 1998. Kayakers intending to descend Aratiatia can try submitting a "Bylaw exemption application form" to obtain an exemption from clause 3.9.1(d). Note the $125.00 fee.

Temporary access prohibition on the Wairoa River, Nelson

A temporary "reservation" of a portion of the Wairoa River, Nelson, has been granted for tree-felling and overhead cable recovery of the logs across the river. All activities including but not limited to swimming, wading, angling, or boating of any kind not directly associated with the logging will be prohibited.

The temporary reservation applies between 05:30 and 16:00 on any weekday between Monday 14 November and Friday 2 December 2011. There are no restrictions on public access on any Saturday or Sunday.

Piripaua and Whakamarino Releases cancelled

Unfortunately, Genesis Energy have advised that the recreational releases scheduled for this weekend (Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November) from Whakamarino and Piripaua have been cancelled due to health and safety reasons.

The broken bridge in the river, which is currently posing a significant hazard to kayakers, is expected to be removed soon.

Broken Bridge, Waikaretaheke River

Tongariro flowing

Genesis Energy have advised that there will be a scheduled outage at Rangipo Power Station between 9am and 5pm, on Thursday 5 May. The Tongariro River, downstream of Rangipo Dam to Poutu Intake will be flowing at natural flow during this time. There will be no increase in river flows downstream of Poutu Intake.