Preservation of whitewater, threats to recreational amenity, wild and scenic rivers.

Wild Rivers Images Needed

Whitewater NZ Conservation Officer Glenn Murdoch is busy putting together a slideshow demonstrating the beauty of our wild, remote and scenic rivers. He is looking for high quality images that can be used in campaigns and in presentations to stakeholders. The images don't need to be of steep rapids or boaters doing radical moves - we are after images that show how beautiful our rivers are. If you are happy to share your photos, contact Glenn at

Conservation Strategy

The Whitewater NZ Conservation Strategy seeks to provide guidance on how Whitewater NZ will respond in order to protect the recreational amenity that kayaker's value. With significant conservation challenges ahead, we need to prioritise our efforts towards the rivers of most value to kayakers.

Wanted: Old film, video and images for documentary

Bill Parks writes, "Dave Kwant and I are working on a documentary on NZ kayaking, a combination why-we-kayak/conservation/history film. For the historical section we are looking for old footage (super-8 film, VHS, whatever) as well as old photos. If anyone out there has material from the earliest days of river-running in NZ through the 1980's that you are willing to share, please contact me. First descents, old rafts, rowboats, fiberglass boats, dancers... anything like that that shows the development of the sport and the Kiwi ties to the outdoors would be great.

Submission on NPS for Freshwater Management

The proposed National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management fails to safeguard recreational interests. For example, the definition in the NPS of "environmental flows and water levels" has specific regard to protecting, maintaining, enhancing or restoring Notable Values. Notable values include recreational values. However, recreational values are not currently considered in the draft NES on Ecological Flows and Water Levels.

Submission on the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

To Judge David Sheppard
Board of Inquiry, National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

Name of person / organisation making further submission:

New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association
c/- Duncan Catanach
North Island Conservation Officer
PO Box 284

This is a submission on the proposed national policy statement for freshwater management (the proposal).