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Tongariro River work ahead of schedule

The Poutu Canal outage has been progressing ahead of schedule. The original completion date was 23 December, however, the likely finish date for this project is now between 16 and 19 December. When the project is finished the canal will be reinstated, reducing the flow in the Tongariro River below Poutu Intake to 16 cumecs.

NZ Canoeing Spring 2008 - the black issue

New Zealand rivers are under threat as never before. NZ Whitewater: 125 great kayaking runs could soon be '75 great kayaking runs'. Did you know that the proposed Kaituna dam would meet NZ's energy growth for little more than four weeks? The dire situation facing NZ rivers is portrayed in Our rivers are not renewable (Chris Todd) and A perfect storm (Tony Ward-Holmes).

Higher flows on Access 10 (Tongariro River) for 8 weeks

Earlier this year, Genesis Energy undertook a significant maintenance programme on the Poutu Canal. Electricity shortages and bad weather meant that the programme was not finished. A further 8 week outage of the canal commencing on the 28th October is scheduled to allow the planned works to be completed. The Tongariro River below Poutu Intake is likely to flowing at about twice that of the present 16 cumec minimum flow (i.e. between 30 and 35 cumecs).

Mick Hopkinson wins Whitewater Explorer award

Mick Hopkinson has been recognised as an international Explorer in the Class of 2008 honorees by the United States-based International Whitewater Hall of Fame. Mick Hopkinson was a slalom racer in Britain before putting his energy into exploration including first descents on the river Inn in Switzerland and Austria, the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, and the Dudh Kosi in Nepal.

CUMEC Magazine Issue 5

Antz Longman advises, "CUMEC Magazine Issue 5 is now available at book and kayak stores all over New Zealand. In this issue we take a look in to the history of Slalom Kayaking at the Olympics and profile the NZ and Australian athletes heading to Beijing, Interview with Australian C1 Slalom paddler Rob Bell, Wairoa Extreme Race, seven Drytops reviewed, Destination Malaysia and a lot more. There also a special subscription promotion with this issue.

Nepali girls kayak - can you help?

Sophie Hoskins, Hester Hilbink and friends are working on a project to teach Nepalese girls to kayak. Sophie writes, "A friend from Sweden is organising this project. She has lived there for about eight years and really wants to introduce the local Nepalese women to kayakng and rafting so they can work as safety boaters and raft guides. This is the first project of this kind and the girls are super excited as they haven't had the chance to learn these skills.

2008 NZ Freestyle Team Selections

The NZ Freestyle Kayaking committee is organising a freestyle event on Saturday 19/Sunday 20 April to select the 2008 national team. The event is open to everyone that wants to compete, even if you don't want to be selected for the team, the more the merrier. 2008 is a Freestyle World Cup series year for which you don't need to be part of a national team to compete. These selections are for competition practice for those wanting to go to the world cup, ranking purposes and the glory of the 'National Champ' title.