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Upper Tongariro River at natural flow for 10 days

Genesis Energy have advised that the Moawhango tunnel will be closed for maintenance for approximately 10 days commencing on the evening of 21 June 2007. Rangipo Dam must be lowered to allow for complete draining of the tunnel and held at a low level to ensure the safety of the tunnel inspectors. This will mean that Rangipo Dam to Waikato Falls (Access 14 and Access 13) will be flowing at natural flow.

CUMEC Magazine Issue 2 released

[image:882 align=left size=thumbnail nolink=1]Antz Longman advises, "Over the next week CUMEC Magazine Issue 2 will be distributed to kayak and book stores throughout New Zealand. CUMEC is being released twice annually for the NZ and Australian whitewater community. Inside Issue 2 are features on Bullerfest 2007, Upper Cherry Creek, The Lee Stream, an interview with Anthony Yap and more. Cover price is $6.95 and a two issue subscription costs just $12 (within NZ) which puts you in the draw for a new Bliss-Stick Kayak."

Sunspots Didymo Washing Station

Sunspots Kayak Shop in Rotorua have a new Didymo washing station. This facility will be free for kayakers and fishermen for cleaning their gear. It has been set up with the help of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. The facility is transportable and able to be used at regional kayaking events. Remember to Check-Clean-Dry between all waterways including North Island rivers.