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River Safety Courses a great success

The river safety programme has been such a great success during the latter half of last year that we have spent all of our money from Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) allocated to subsidies. So if you have done a course in the new year or are planning a course please go ahead but we will have to process your subsidy application after March when we apply for new funding from WSNZ to pass on to you.

Long Time Dead...

You're a long time dead. So what's the hurry? This was a billboard ad by the Government, trying to stop people from speeding on their roads. But after heavy-footed drivers, it probably applies more to travelling kayakers than anyone else! Andy England imparts some paddling wisdom about taking the time to really learn.

New Zealand kayaker drowns in Norway

On Tuesday 4 July, Sam Rainey drowned on the Sogndals Elva river in Norway. He was in a party of five, and information from his paddling companions is that he was caught in a hole and washed out of the hole without his kayak. Sam was described as uncharacteristically passive, so it is likely that he hit his head while capsized. He was chased through numerous rapids but his companions were unable to rescue him.

Pinned in the Whataroa River

Firstly I want to thank all of the people who rescued me - Barry, Sue, Louis, Ellie, Stu, Diego, Yan, Ciccio, Colin and Pete - without their help I would certainly have drowned. The actions of Louis from Wellington and Pete (both of whom I only met at the put-in) were critical to my rescue and without question courageous - they risked their own safety getting out to me and I am very grateful to them.

It's the third day after the event and I don't particularly like writing this because it brings back the vivid memory of being close to losing my life - it was a very bad pin situation. However I think it is important to do so because there are lessons in every incident that may help others and hindsight observations can be helpful. Hopefully, it may also be somewhat cathartic. It happened like this...