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British paddler drowns on Crooked River

[30 March] NZPA report (temporary link) a 19 year old British paddler drowned on the Crooked River on Monday 29 March. Apparently, the victim fell out [of] her kayak, was trapped by a rock and drowned. One of her companions walked out through bush to raise the alarm, and another paddler was found by rescuers in the night. The body was recovered by helicopter around 10am this morning.

Code of Practice, Version 1.1

This Code of Practice is not an instruction manual but a document that highlights key safety and management issues in order to promote responsible kayaking which still allows for high levels of challenge and fun. It is intended that clubs or individuals can adopt this Code of Practice as it stands, or use it as a template to develop their own Code of Practice.

NZRCA responds to police advice after Waiwhakaiho fatality

A man drowned on Sunday 1 February while tubing on a high Waiwhakaiho River in Taranaki. A reported comment from a Police search advisor (temporary link) included a comment "If people are going to go they should wear lifejackets or tie the tube to themselves." The NZRCA strongly rejects the advice (PDF, 196k) to tie a tube, boogie board or kayak to the paddler.