Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.


Accident and Incident database, incident reports, safe practice, equipment, rescue techniques, river hazards, grading system, code of practice.

Mangahao release

This article by Timon Walkley describes a Mangahao trip that turned into an epic when a boat was pinned (from NZ Canoeing 99.2, Spring 1999).

Accidents and Incidents, Clarence River images

Trouble with jetboats? Have a look at our Safety / Accidents and Incidents article and form on the Safety page. Added several images of the Clarence River. Fixed misdirected links on NZRCA Home page, fixed broken links on What's new? page, Added contact information.

On any Sunday

Matt Daly died on a kayaking trip on the Roaring Meg section of the Kawarau river on Waitangi weekend, 1998. This account was written by Sue Olaman and Carl Waddick, with help from Matt's family, in an effort to make sense of the tragedy, and so other paddlers can understand this can happen even to one of the best. This article originally appeared in NZ Canoeing 99.1 (Autumn 1999).

Accidents and Incidents

Robin Rutter-Baumann introduces the Maritime Safety Authority Accident and Incident form. This article was originally published in NZ Canoeing 97.3, Summer 1997.

Mangorewa Mayhem

Dave Nelson relates a tale of a trip down a flooded Mangorewa river that turned into a weekend epic.

Whakapapa Epic

This article by Peter Sutcliffe originally appeared in New Zealand Canoeing #22, July 1981.
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