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Relating to the administration of the Whitewater NZ, e.g. AGM, clubs, media releases, etc.

NZ Canoeing 11.2, Winter 2011

The latest NZ Canoeing 11.2 has been sent to members, with articles on Simon Davidson (Matt Burton, Tyler Fox, Louise Urwin, Josh Neilson), Mokau victory! (Terry Lasenby), Whitewater Grand Prix (Louise Urwin), Conservation News (Tony Ward-Holme), Releases and Events, How good is your rescue kit and techniques? Part 1 (Matt Barker). Grab NZ Canoeing 11.2 (PDF, 3.5Mb) here or via your club.

Annual Report 2011

It’s been another busy year for kayaking and for river conservation. Locally and nationally, the Canterbury earthquakes have had an impact on Whitewater NZ membership and Executive. Like many in Canterbury, two Executive members can no longer live in their houses, and one is still working in the red zone.

NZ Canoeing Spring 2010

The latest NZ Canoeing has been sent to members, featuring Conservation News (Rivers in the media, Hurunui River moratorium, Mokihinui River, Mokihinui Stockton film, Central Plains Water, Land and Water Forum, Nevis River Decision) (Tony Ward-Holmes), Respect to the Hutt Gorge @ 2.55m (Ruby Kopelov), Kiwi kayakers excel at home and overseas (Miriam Odlin), Releases and Events. Read more in NZ Canoeing 10.2 (PDF, 9.7Mb).

Annual Report 2010

In a year which had the biggest change to environmental legislation in the last 20 years, we’ve seen increased interest by the Government and by developers in commercialising the conservation estate. With a widening shortfall of generation, we can expect that there will be increased interest in exporting power from areas such as the West Coast. Combine these changes to weakened protection provided by the Resource Management Act and the future looks bleak for rivers. However - it’s not all doom and gloom.

NZRCA is now Whitewater New Zealand

Whitewater NZ works to protect and conserve rivers, improve opportunities for kayakers to enjoy our whitewater resources safely, and protect public access to rivers for recreational use. Incorporated in 1957 as the New Zealand Canoeing Association (NZCA), the national association reorganised in the late 1990's as the NZ Recreational Canoeing Association (NZRCA). At the recent AGM it was agreed to rebrand as Whitewater New Zealand. We'll be rolling out the new brand starting with rivers.org.nz and NZ Canoeing.