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Annual Report 2009

It has been a particularly busy year for the NZRCA, particularly for those who have been involved with conservation issues. Many people within the executive have assisted each other in their work and we are fortunate to have a team with a range of skills and experience.

NZRCA AGM 2009 outcomes

The NZRCA Annual General Meeting was held yesterday in at the Awara Clubrooms in Christchurch. Outgoing President Mike Birch presented the Annual Report to Members for 2009. Following elections of officers, Polly Miller (Christchurch) is the new President. Duncan Catanach is the new Vice-President. Ian Gill-Fox (Christchurch) is the new Safety Officer, following on from Glenn Murdoch who has been coopted as South Island Conservation Officer. Mike Birch steps down from President after four years and is now looking after Access.

NZRCA AGM 2008 outcomes: new Executive members, COTY 2008

Between runs down the Kaituna the hard-working NZRCA Executive got plenty of business done. NZRCA President Mike Birch presented the Annual Report to Members for 2008. Andy England was voted Canoeist of the Year (well done, Andy!). Several vacancies on the Executive Committee have arisen due to imminent overseas travel; many thanks to Guido Wassink (Editor) and Kieron Thorpe (Conservation). Michelle Wallace (Hamilton) is our new Editor.

NZRCA AGM 26 April, Rotorua

[30 March] The NZRCA Annual General Meeting will be held in Rotorua on Saturday 26 April, 2008. All kayakers are welcome, especially those keen to get involved in the issues facing recreational paddlers. The NZRCA Executive will be kayaking on the local rivers that weekend, as well as holding the AGM. So all are welcome to come and do some paddling and have your say - on and off the water. The AGM is also where the Canoeist of the Year Award is made.