Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

About Whitewater NZ

Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

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Whitewater NZ is the national organisation representing recreational whitewater canoeing and kayaking in New Zealand. It has over 16 member clubs corresponding to around 800 active members. Our primary objective is expressed in our purpose (above) and our work is coordinated in four portfolios:

Conservation Preserve New Zealand's rivers and lakes.
Access Ensure public access.
Safety Promote safe, enjoyable canoeing.
Education Foster the kayaking community.

Whitewater NZ is affiliated to the NZ Canoe Federation (PO Box 11081, Hamilton) which is a member of the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

The work of Whitewater NZ is coordinated by the Executive & Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Whitewater NZ publishes a regular email newsletter re whitewater issues. Previously, Whitewater NZ published a paper newsletter, called 'NZ Canoeing' featuring news, articles and trip reports about the whitewater kayaking scene in New Zealand.

Whitewater NZ recognises outstanding achievements or contributions in the area of recreational canoeing through the Canoeist of the Year award.

Annual Reports

Since 1999, Whitewater NZ has produced an annual report to members documenting achievements, finances and future plans.

  1. Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 403KB)
  2. Annual Report 2016 (PDF, 10.7MB).
  3. Annual Report 2014.
  4. Annual Report 2011.
  5. Annual Report 2010.
  6. Annual Report 2009.
  7. Annual Report 2008.
  8. Annual Report 2007 (PDF, 320k) or Annual Report 2007 (excerpt).
  9. Annual Report 2006 (PDF, 192k).
  10. Annual Report 2005 (PDF, 242k) or Annual Report 2005 (excerpt).
  11. Annual Report 2004 (excerpt).
  12. Annual Report 2003 (PDF, 1,500k) or Annual Report 2003 (excerpt).
  13. Annual Report 2002 (PDF, 69k) or Annual Report 2002 (excerpt).
  14. Annual Report 2001 (PDF, 78k) or Annual Report 2001 (excerpt).
  15. Annual Report 2000 (PDF, 101k) or Annual Report 2000.
  16. Annual Report 1999 (PDF, 201k) or Annual Report 1999 (excerpt).
  17. Annual Report 1998.
  18. Annual Report 1997.
  19. Annual Report 1990.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This is normally held during Winter each year, alternating between North and South Islands. Minutes of the AGM are available to all Whitewater NZ members on request.

Other organisations deal with Slalom, Canoe Polo, Rodeo / Freestyle, Wildwater.

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